Granite Myths Debunked

There are many myths about granite that make you hesitate on purchasing it, but they are just myths. Let the debunking begin.

1.) Granite is super expensive: Myth

The price tag on granite is a fraction of the cost and maintenance you would need on other countertops. For example, the cheaper alternative laminate countertops, though you would save a couple hundred bucks you will end up spending double or triple that on your property in the future. Unlike Granite, if you put any hot pot or pan on Laminate surface you will end up with a mark and it can only be fixed by replacing the whole countertop or the top laminate sheet, this will not only result in extra expenses but will be a waste or time since it can so easily happen again. Another countertop that is less expensive but will result in future expenses and more maintenance is Marble. Yes, marble is beautiful, but it regularly will loose it shine and need to be polished, Granite on the other hand doesn’t loose it shine so easily and sometimes never does.

The price of granite is a bit higher than others but it can be inexpensive in the long run. If you work with a reputable contractor such as the ones at North America Construction services in central Ohio their can be advantages and a better price. These contractors have good relationships with granite suppliers and can get you a better deal than what you can get on you own.

2.) Granite easily stains: Myth

Yes, Granite could stain but that possibility is rare, unless you leave oil on your counter top for a long time or your mixing a bunch or chemicals and leaving them there to sink into the granite. Granite is made stain resistant and is more so than other countertops. In fact, Granite is a very durable material that you find it on the sides of important and long lasting commercial buildings since, its naturally stain resistant and can endure the wrath of nature. If by chance you do leave oil sitting on your beautiful granite and it stains don’t worry, there’s an easy fix. You can remove oil stains with certain chemicals, I recommend asking a professional or doing research online.

Drive around in you local downtown and see if any buildings have granite.

3.) Granite is high maintenance:

This one is blatantly untrue, to keep your granite in great condition all you need to do it clean it with soap and water regularly. This is something you normally would have to do to keep the surface clean. If you don't care for it and keep it clean it might need some maintenance but very little and not so much to be considered high maintenance.

4.) Granite Cracks with heat:

Unless you are blowtorching your granite, heat should not make granite counter tops crack and even then, you would have to reach a couple thousand degrees before anything would happen (please don’t try that at home). As a matter of fact, you could easily move your pots and pans from the stove or oven onto your granite and nothing will happen. I do this all the time, and its makes cooking and plating so easy.

5.) Granite is a bacteria heaven: Myth

According to the Center of Disease control, there is no proof that granite harbors more bacteria than other countertops. Practicing safe precautions that you normally would, will help protect you from the harm of bacteria. Make sure you clean your granite surface with soap and water before and after you use it to prep food. I do this since I feel it’s better than chopping boards since unlike granites you can leave scratches that may harbor harmful bacteria.

If you have doubts about getting granite countertops I advise your to do some research and ask current Granite countertop owners on their experience and thoughts.

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